Royce Suite - The Royce

Saturday 13 July 2024
7:14am AEDT

Melbourne's quintessential boutique hotel experience

Royce Suite

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If luxury is worth doing, it’s worth overdoing. That’s our mantra when it comes to the jewel in our crown of suites.

If you’re considering a Royce Suite you’re already of the same mindset as us. So why hold back? You don’t need our permission to live it up but this is the suite that makes it all possible. Swan around celebrity style revelling in the luxury of space and natural light. Feel presidential lolling in the king-size bed, only rising to the promise of picturesque views of the city skyline over treetops, or a glass of champagne in the bathtub, deep and indulgent it would make Cleopatra blush. Fit for a queen, staying in the Royce Suite takes you away to another time and place, you may never want to leave.

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