Deluxe - The Royce

Saturday 13 July 2024
3:40am AEDT

Melbourne's quintessential boutique hotel experience


The royce melbourne accommodation deluxe suite bedroom

Sometimes, sipping an iconic cocktail in a luxuriously deep bathtub is the best place to start. You know you want to.

After soaking in bubbles in the decadent bathtub and swanning around the opulent bathroom, you wrap yourself cocoon-like in a robe and reach for your cocktail. Being fabulous is encouraged. The escape continues as the light chinking of wine glasses and lilting banter drifts through the evening from The Terrace and gently caresses your ears. It beckons and you are torn between living it up in your lavish room or joining the buzz of the hotel’s nightlife. Why choose when you can have both? Too much of a good thing can be just what you need sometimes.

See for yourself...