Boulevard Suite - The Royce

Saturday 13 July 2024
6:31am AEDT

Melbourne's quintessential boutique hotel experience

Boulevard Suite

The royce melbourne accommodation boulevard room lounge area

For pleasure-seekers, romantics, or business people who aren’t all business, our Boulevard Suites are the escape you deserve.

Our Boulevard Suites are a celebration of the classic premium hotel suites of the golden age. Spacious and lush, with towering ceilings, grand bathrooms and bathtubs for the pleasure-loving. A gilt-edge choice for a romantic escape where you can loiter elegantly in a robe, roaming between the lounge, the sink-in bed, the curated mini-bar or the grand bathtub. The Boulevard Suites are also the ideal space for mixing business and pleasure. Schmooze with your favourite clients or take a well-deserved breather between pitches, in the separate lux living room, work or play, or a bit of both, these suites are designed for taking your indulgence up a notch.

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